Schneider Electric's micro data centres are a secure, self-contained infrastructure solution, pre-engineered and factory assembled. Held - and shipped - in a single enclosure, the micro data centres contain all the necessary power, cooling and security features to house your infrastructure. The secure computing environments from Schneider even come with full datacentre infrastructure management functionality.

Micro data centres come in all shapes and sizes, from the compact SmartBunker range, to the large, durable SmartShelter range.

Smart Bunker

The SmartBunker range is a simple, compact micro datacentre that is quick and easy to deploy. The different SmartBunkers available range from very compact units that can fit into the corner of small office spaces, to generously-sized cabinets that can serve enterprise businesses.

Keeping critical data secure in your workplace, the SmartBunker is insulated and can protect against any unwanted disasters such as flooding or malicious damage. Besides the versatility of the Smartbunker’s size and its secure features, this range of micro data centres comes equipped with cooling capabilities, meaning you reduce the amount of energy loss.

Smart Shelter

If you requires a larger, more robust data centre enclosure, then the SmartShelter is for you. Reminiscent of a shipping container, the SmartShelter contains a considerable amount of infrastructure, whilst again, providing significant protection, power and cooling.

The SmartShelter can be deployed in remote areas with limited construction support, this is beneficial to organisations operating in unconventional locations away from typical office buildings.

Fast to deploy, Schneider Electric's micro data centres are easy to manage, standardised and cost-effective. Speak to one of our subject matter experts for more information on 0344 875 4555