Cooling Solutions

It's no exaggeration to say that cooling is the critical issue for a data centre operator - get it wrong and your business critical systems will suffer a thermal shut down. Cooling is also the biggest operational expense you face, so finding the most efficient solution can produce significant savings.

Datacentre UK Cooling solutions for your data centre

At Datacentre UK we have proven expertise in all the principal cooling methodologies currently deployed in server rooms and data centres, including chilled water units, hot aisle containment close coupled cooling and DX cooling. Our modular and fully scalable cooling solutions provide air distribution and heat removal at rack, row and room level, giving you the most effective performance for the least usage of floor space.

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Datacentre UK Chilled Water Cooling solutions for your data centre

We can install both traditional, refrigerant-based water chillers and the latest environmentally-friendly free-cooling chillers , which use ambient air as a free resource to chill the water. Independent studies demonstrate that free-cooling chillers can pay for themselves in as little as 18 months, yielding operational savings of up to £11,000 per year. (For a 120Kw N+1 solution using a HACS data centre layout.)

Innovative cooling solutions

Reducing energy consumption is critical to reining in data centre costs. This slender Cooling Door System attaches to blade server racks to remove heat directly at source - the back of the blade chassis - using highly efficient chilled water cooling technology.

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Removes up to 100% of generated heat
  • Compact, closely coupled design increases effective computer density by up 70% compared with open row cooling
  • Adds only 16cm to chassis, minimising data centre footprint
  • Up to six times more efficient than traditional data centre cooling systems
  • Provides 2.3x the capacity of competitive passive cooling systems
  • Up to 35kW of cooling capacity per door (compared with 5kW for 
traditional raised floor cooling)
  • Quieter and more reliable than traditional cooling systems
  • Can leverage existing chilled-water data centre infrastructures
  • Requires no fans or electricity

In Row Cooling


In Row cooling is designed to closely couple the cooling with the IT heat load. Incorporated into an aisle containment solution this design prevents hot air recirculation, while improving cooling predictability and availability. Energy savings are maximised with aisle containment but even without aisle containment the close coupled cooling reduces energy usage and improves efficiency by reducing the length of the warm air return path. In row cooling is ideal for the deployment of high density server installations were cooling requirements may vary depending on load and the variable speed fans driven by the rack inlet temperature sensor can ensure the correct amount of cooling is delivered as required.


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