With data centres becoming increasingly high density and complex, the task of managing the data centre environment and protecting it from a variety of threats has become increasingly difficult. The task of data centre monitoring is to provide an accurate view of physical infrastructure in real time, so that data centre personnel can ensure available and efficient operations.

Datacentre UK environmental monitoring for data centre infrastructure

Datacentre UK can provide active monitoring solutions designed to protect against physical threats, environmental or human, that can cause disruption or downtime to IT infrastructure. This scalable suite of networked appliances, sensors, access controls and cameras is designed to safeguard environments ranging in size from network closets to data centers. The modular design allows for common sensors among the NetBotz appliances. Optional user-defined alerts can be sent in a variety of formats and are easily integrated into event escalation policies.

Datacentre UK physical monitoring systems for your data centre

Protecting your data centre from human error or malicious acts of sabotage can be enhanced within the facility through the integration of video camera systems and access control and alerting. Working in conjunction with a rigorous security policy to ensure that access to IT systems is effected in a controlled manner, Datacentre UK design data centres and computer rooms which are easy to protect utilising modular security devices.