Hot Aisle Containment Systems (HACS)

Use HACS to cool high density and mixed density data centres.

In the past it was a major challenge for IT personnel to successfully deploy a mix of high-density and low-density equipment in the same data centre space. Traditional data centres were specified to cool a uniform rack power density and were not capable of cooling a large number of high density racks.

Datacentre UK supply HACS to improve cooling efficiency and effectiveness

Modern data centre architectures such as row-based cooling allow for the rapid deployment of high density pods within an existing or new low-density data centre. Modular row oriented power and cooling can be added where and when high-density racks are require, without any negative effect on the existing room-level infrastructure. In combination with capacity and change management systems, HACS offer a high density deployment solution capable of maintaining predictable operation even after moves, additions and changes.