• The green datacentre

  • How green is your data centre?

  • Free-cooling chillers

  • Green design responsibilities

  • Cooling Doors

The green datacentre

Efficient use of energy is no longer simply an environmental concern; as fuel costs continue to spiral, wasting energy has a direct impact on your bottom line.

The key datacentre performance targets have always been service availability, reliability and performance. Now, Datacentre UK can help you add energy efficiency to this list. A greener datacentre will reduce power costs, improve cooling capacity and enhance system reliability, while at the same time dramatically reducing the total cost of ownership.

How green is your data centre?

Amid all the other day-to-day management issues, it's easy to overlook a datacentre's energy efficiency. For example, has high server density created efficiency-sapping hotspots? Are there power distribution bottlenecks? Is cooling ineffective? Our environmental services aim to bridge this gap, helping you to reduce your impact on the environment and - crucially - your energy bills.

We incorporate the full range of environmental considerations into every new datacentre design we produce. For existing datacentres we offer a comprehensive environmental audit, from which we can produce a detailed list of energy efficiency recommendations.

Every watt of power consumption saved equates to at least the same for cooling, so the return on green investment can add up quickly. Moreover, greener datacentres are more future-proof, reducing the scale of power and cooling demands on upgrade.

Free-cooling chillers

Free-cooling is the latest environmentally friendly technique for cooling your datacentre. Datacentre UK is expert in the installation of low-cost, low-energy, free-cooling systems which can be adapted to suit most facilities.

How free-cooling works

Free-cooling systems make use of low outside air temperatures for chilling water in the air conditioning unit, rather than relying 100% on energy intensive refrigerant-based systems. Operation is simple. When the outside air temperature is below a predetermined threshold, a valve allows all or part of the cooling water to bypass the powered chiller and run through the free-cooling system instead, immediately reducing energy requirements.

Green design responsibilities

A responsible approach to green design

Whether implementing energy efficiency strategies for an existing datacentre, or planning a new facility from scratch, our experts make sure that operational concerns are never compromised.

Every datacentre we design supports seamless growth without disruption, can be expanded to provide new services without a major overhaul of its infrastructure and is robust enough to give you predictable uptime whatever the load.

For excellent environmental performance that also enhances your system's operational capabilities and cost efficiency, look no further than a Datacentre UK solution.

Find out more about our environmental policy (click here to download PDF).

Innovative cooling solutions

Reducing energy consumption is critical to reining in data centre costs. This slender Cooling Door System attaches to blade server racks to remove heat directly at source - the back of the blade chassis - using highly efficient chilled water cooling technology.

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Removes up to 100% of generated heat
  • Compact, closely coupled design increases effective computer density by up 70% compared with open row cooling
  • Adds only 16cm to chassis, minimising data centre footprint
  • Up to six times more efficient than traditional data centre cooling systems
  • Provides 2.3x the capacity of competitive passive cooling systems
  • Up to 35kW of cooling capacity per door (compared with 5kW for 
traditional raised floor cooling)
  • Quieter and more reliable than traditional cooling systems
  • Can leverage existing chilled-water data centre infrastructures
  • Requires no fans or electricity