Your questions, our answers

In this section we have answered a few of the most Frequently Asked Questions about datacentres in general and Datacentres UK in particular. We hope you find this section useful, but if you have a specific question which is not answered here, please feel free to post it via email using the details on our contact page for a quick, personal response.

  • What is a Datacentre?

    Often people imagine a datacentre to be a large installation with many cabinets. In reality datacentres range in size from 1 to 1,000 cabinets housing IT infrastructure. What they all have in common is that they form a central location for an organisation's data and communications.

  • What is included in the design of a datacentre?

    As well as the infrastructure of the IT system itself (cabinets, servers, cabling), the modern datacentre will include primary and back-up power systems, cooling systems, fire suppression, security and disaster recovery systems.

  • Do I need a new building for a datacentre?

    A modern system called HACS (hot aisle containment system) means that there is now much greater flexibility over the site of your datacentre. Far from requiring a custom-built facility, a datacentre can be sited in almost any room with sufficient floor space.

  • Are datacentres expensive?

    We provide high quality IT solutions for almost every budget. As important as your initial outlay, however, is ensuring that you receive a scalable solution today that can expand easily to meet your requirements tomorrow. Datacentre UK never provides off-the-peg solutions; we will ensure that whatever we supply to you is appropriate to your particular business, operationally effective and future-proof.

  • How will I know if something goes wrong?

    Ask us about the kinds of monitoring systems we would recommend for your datacentre. You can monitor for every eventuality, from fire to intrusion to critical systems failure. Systems can be configured to trigger loud or silent alarms, or notify managers by email or text message

  • What about security?

    In addition to physical security (robust structures, entry systems), we can provide automated and/or manned audio and video monitoring and recording systems.

  • Can my datacentre be relocated?

    Yes. Relocation can be a complicated process, but it is completely possible. Datacentre UK operates specialist relocation teams for just this purpose. Relocation timescales depend on the complexity of the project and can vary from three days to three months.

  • What kind of power supply do I need?

    Your power requirements will depend on your overall operational specification. Datacentre UK experts can determine your specific power requirements and specify any changes to your existing provision which might be required.

  • How do I know what size of UPS to install?

    Your uninterruptible power supply (UPS) is a vital backup component of your IT system, ensuring that in the event of a power cut you do not lose data and can continue to operate. The UPS you need will depend on your operational systems. An expert Datacentre UK technician will calculate your UPS requirements for the optimum balance of system protection and cost efficiency.