Innovative cooling solutions

Reducing energy consumption is critical to reining in data centre costs. This slender Cooling Door System attaches to blade server racks to remove heat directly at source - the back of the blade chassis - using highly efficient chilled water cooling technology.

Features and benefits at a glance:

  • Removes up to 100% of generated heat
  • Compact, closely coupled design increases effective computer density by up 70% compared with open row cooling
  • Adds only 16cm to chassis, minimising data centre footprint
  • Up to six times more efficient than traditional data centre cooling systems
  • Provides 2.3x the capacity of competitive passive cooling systems
  • Up to 35kW of cooling capacity per door (compared with 5kW for 
traditional raised floor cooling)
  • Quieter and more reliable than traditional cooling systems
  • Can leverage existing chilled-water data centre infrastructures
  • Requires no fans or electricity