Reliable connections mean swift and reliable communications

All data centres have one thing in common: the need for cabling so devices can communicate with one another. A well designed cabling system is essential to ensure a dependable and available IT system.

Because data centres are dynamic environments, constantly growing and evolving, they demand a high density and flexible cabling infrastructure which can accommodate growing IT demands without disruption.

Datacentre UK can devise the optimal cable architecture whatever the size of your facility, using high quality, industry standard cabling products from manufacturing partners.

Datacentre UK structured cabling solutions for every data centre

Practically every device in your data centre is connected to other devices, usually with multiple cables to provide back up (or 'redundancy'). Datacentre UK can optimise the efficiency and cost-effectiveness with the most appropriate cable architecture and choice of cabling products for your environment.

The larger the data centre, the more detailed and complex this exercise becomes. A datacentre for a medium-sized company may have between 50 and 100 servers; a datacentre in a large financial institution may have several hundred. As a result, cable counts can easily reach the tens of thousands.

Datacentre UK provide diverse data centre cabling solutions

Our expertise in a wide range of size and type of data centre and network room means Datacentre UK can recommend the ideal cabling solution for your facility:

  • Fibre Optic Technology
  • 10GPlus
  • Cat6Plus
  • Enhanced Fibreplus